Avoid the Flu Like a Geek- TOP 5

  1. Get the Flu Shot

    Yah it’s not 100% effective, and I guess some people get sick from it, however, the odds of it helping and not hurting is with you. Do your research but my vote is… YES to the poke! May the force be with you.

  2. Wash Your Hands  

    So it’s winter, and who wants to wait around for the hot water to heat up and get a proper hand washing. So we just lightly splash the cold water on the one hand we used to wipe with, and add a drop of soap and get out of there. Slow down McFly!! Take the time to let that water heat, even it it means a you’ll have to join in on the rain dances during the summer months to appease the water conservationists and get a proper 2-hand wash. Or suck it up, and lather on that soap, and get your washing on in the cold.

  3. Use Those Wipes

    If your wash room has such luxuries as disinfectant wipes, I would use those on the toilet handle, the door knob to and from the restroom, the sink water handle, and the toilet paper holder…. and not in that particular order, and not with the same wipe.

  4. Skip The Gym

    Go work out at a park! There are also tons of workout apps that you can download to use in your office if you have to space and privacy, or your home if you don’t have gym equipment.

  5. Shun People in Public Who Are Sick

    Practice your best evil eye, and use it on those Jerks you see out sneezing and putting there hands all over products in the store. Try to mentally say to them, “Why don’t you just stay home!” If enough of us do this, like a scene from Invasion of The Body Snatchers (with the point and a scream) perhaps this will discourage such rude spreading of the disease!


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