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    Our Favorite: A knowledgeable and obsessive enthusiast. The people you pick on in high school and wind up working for as an adult.

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    Smart is Sexy

    Beautiful selection of classy, and sexy Women\'s clothing, accessories and makeup.

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    Geeky Gifts

    There are no rules when buying a gift for your Geek. It just has be unique. Looking for a special one of a kind gift for your favorite techie? We have hand pick an amazing selection for you.

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Latest Posts

Improving Trump Behavior in Virtual Reality

Women are being accosted in the Virtual Reality realm? On October 21, 2016 a woman detailed her experience inside the virtual world of Quivr using a HTC Vive virtual reality system- where she claims she was chased, and groped after repeated attemp...
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What is a Geek?

The people you pick on in high school and wind up working for as an adult. The term "geek" originally referred to the carnival performers whose act consisted of biting the heads off chickens and eating glass. Over time it came to be applied to any...
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So… What’s a Smart Ring?

SMART RING WITH NFC TECHNOLOGY A Smart Ring is a wearable ring infused with NFC technology, allowing you to do some really stuff once paired with your Smartphone through a compatible app. Unlock your Smart phone or tablet Take your NFC e...
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